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Case Management

Seamless Care

Compassionate care, organised around both clients and care providers.

Knowledge and Teams

Clients and their families can connect with local support and assistance.

We work with you

Respectful relationships with clients and their carers to develop their quality of life.

What is

Case Management?

Case Management aims to ensure that an individual with an injury, disability or medical condition obtains the services or entitlements that they require to remain as safe, comfortable and independent as possible. This may include; supporting the person to integrate within their community, planning for and ensuring the client is linked into the medical, care and therapeutic treatment they require, monitoring the effectiveness of the service and progress and adjusting the client-centred goals for rehabilitation accordingly.

We provide

Premium Case Management

Integrity Therapy Services have several team members who are approved to provide Case Management services for iCare (Lifetime Care and Workers Care) and all team members are able to provide Case Management under CTP Insurance Schemes.

Our Case Managers tailor plans to your individual needs in consultation with your family, carers, other service providers and relevant parties. We pride ourselves on openly communicating and working as a team proactively to help people to optimize their lives following a change in their circumstances.

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