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Q. How do I access an Occupational Therapy service from Integrity Therapy?

A. We are more than happy to chat with you about your Occupational Therapy needs. You can give us a call or email or complete the referral form. You, your family member, carer, support coordinator or any other person can make contact with us to help you gain an OT service. We aim to make the intake process as easy as possible for our clients.


Q. How much will an OT service cost?

A. If you are a Participant of the NDIS, iCare or have an insurance claim, an OT service through Integrity Therapy does not cost you money. If you do not have a funding body or aren’t sure, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a customised quote.


Q. How long will I have to wait to start my OT service?

A. We occasionally have a waiting list, unfortunately. This is usually when we are a bit understaffed or we have received a lot of referrals in a short space of time. We endeavor to see people as soon as possible and if there is a wait, we will let you know prior to you coming on board and throughout your wait time. We always aim to start off with a new client when we know we have the time to see everything through that might be required. You might have a little wait to begin with, but hopefully this helps things run more smoothly and quickly for you later on.


Q. What if I have some feedback regarding the service I have received?

A. We always welcome feedback, good, great and otherwise. Please contact the Integrity Therapy office and ask for Gemma Nixon. We will endeavor to manage your feedback in a timely and efficient manner. Our Feedback Policy can be found here.


Q. I am an NDIS Participant. Can I access your service if my plan is NDIA Managed?

A. Unfortunately we are no longer registered as an NDIS provider. We can still see you if the parts of your plan relating to Occupational Therapy are Self or Plan Managed. Please contact us if you have any questions or need some help regarding this.