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Occupational Therapy

What is

Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is the practice of developing and / or maintaining a person’s skills in daily living activities (or “occupations”) which may have changed as a result of a temporary or permanent injury or medical condition. “Occupations” may include personal care, leisure, social and work / school activities among many others.

Occupational Therapists work within the client’s own environments to ensure that activity modification, prescribed equipment and / or skills taught match the environments in which they perform their “occupations”. This ensures that clients can achieve their maximal potential and engage fully in their chosen activities with limited environmental constraints. Occupational Therapists work closely with the clients’ families, carers, employers, teachers, community agencies and any other relevant people; where appropriate, to ensure that the clients’ functional goals can be achieved in a timely manner.

Our services for


  • Home modification assessment, design and planning
  • Home safety assessment
  • Equipment / Assistive Technology prescription
  • Wheelchair and seating system prescription and fitting
  • Activities of daily living (ADL) assessment and retraining
  • Workplace assessments
  • Functional Capacity Assessments

NDIS Clients

If you are an NDIS Participant you will need:

  • A current NDIS plan
  • To be Plan Managed or Self Managed
  • Occupational Therapy, Allied Health or Capacity Building Supports available in the plan
  • A signed Service Agreement that we will help get established

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